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Premium Gin

Flavored wheat distillate from soft wheat.
Aged in stainless steel.
Alcohol content: 41% vol.
Colour: transparent and brilliant
Scent: The balsamic aromas of the juniper are completed with spicy coriander and cardamon notes plus the fresh citrusy of lime kaffir.
Flavour: When you try it, it maintains a perfect link between taste and smell. The sensation that you get in your mouth is a reminder of the traditional gin which was drunk in the officers’ quarters in India when it was still a British Colony and enjoyed around the world.
Uses: In cocktails, straight or as a digestive.


Wheat Alcohol*, juniper berries*,coriander seeds*, cardamon seeds*, cumin seeds*, licorice roots*, orange peels*, lime kaffir leaves, almonds*, angelica extract*, water from the Alps.
*From Biological Agriculture REG. CE 834/07 e CE 889/08

Composed of:

3 Ginuensis mignons, 3 Camatti mignons, 3 J.Gasco pink grapefruit tonics.

Mixology – a mescciua.

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