A gin with many aspects as a GinuensisWe didn't want to leave anything to chance, so we chose the hedgehog as a symbol of our gin not only to recall the nightlife but also to play with the thorny personality that is usually attributed to the Genoese and finally to pay homage to the uncontaminated nature of our beloved land.

Thelabelunmistakably unique in its kind, can fully define itself as an artist’s as it was created exclusively for Ginuensis by the graphic designer and calligrapher Luca Barcellona, strictly by handand subsequently digitized.

Discover our exclusive boxes

For our gin with such a strong character, we could not choose just any packaging,
that’s why we have some boxes exclusively made for us:

scatola legno nuovo tappetino copia

Wood Big

A precious wooden box, with well-finished cork interiors,
decorated with all the elements that characterize the unique aspect of Ginuensis.

Wood Small

A precious wooden box, personalized with our very original writing and logo, to frame our already special bottle.