Ginuensis impresses with its unmistakable, intense and direct citrus taste..

At first glance the fresh notes note fresche stand out on the nose, which then leave room for the warmer ones of almond and kaffir lime, whose extremely interesting aromatic note gives peculiarity to our gin.

On the palate Ginuensis is soft, clean and fragrant, with a slightly sweet and sweet aftertaste; the aroma is therefore unique and persistent.



The perfectly balanced botanicals used - lime kaffir, cardamom, cumin, licorice, orange, almond, angelica root, coriander and juniper - want to pay homage to the international trade that has characterized the history of Genoa.

The botanicals are infused and macerated in alcohol individually and then distilled at low temperature, always separately.

The different distillates re only subsequently combined with a skilful balance before bottling, the gin is then carefully filtered to eliminate oily residues i and thus give Ginuensis a crystalline appearance.